LISTEN ONLINE: FULL Album: Drake- Take Care

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LISTEN ONLINE: FULL Album: Drake- Take Care

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  • Emonydestine

    this album is the boom

  • antonio

    drake is literally the best rapper in the game. jay z and kanye took drake and lil wayne  idea.

    • Nena-linda07

       eeeh stop it

    • xR_J_Dx

      you must have never heard of Marshall Mathers….besides, Drake came around after jay and kanye.

  • Seddy10cfo3

    That shit go hard

  • Anabelle

    I love this,Drake.Your the #1.

  • Bluebeast901

    I Love This Album !

  • Elisaaaa :D

    I Love Drake So Damn Much..<3

  • Jackapher

    By far vest swagger in the game he got it looked up like a hot box ;)

  • Buchan Jade

    this that shiit .

  • Jackapher

    ehhh the truth hurts ehh ? er’body knows its true so i guess you’ll just have to drop your poser music…oh and btw antonio weezey was in the game before drake was… hes legit but “z” is a poser no style at all..

  • Athomas 5231

    BOMBBBBB !!!

  • Jessie’89

    Drake.. Drizzy Drake! So glad you are on the scene… Your music speaks to me in SO many ways!!!! <3

  • yournigggggggggggggga

    this is some bs

  • Eboni

    I LOVE THIS!!!Pr

  • Talktotara

    amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! love you drizzy!!

  • Anthonyrentas28

    Drakes the shit!!!!!

  • Imamakehimhappy

    Drake!! <3 

  • Teneyataplin

    love this song like wow

  • Abc

    Drake is a good friend of mine. I had the honor of knowing him back fom Toronto.

  • Drizzy<3

    love the weekends voice in crew love, the way he says crew <3 Drizzy is amazing at writing n everythin else

  • Charlotte Taylor


  • John

    im so glad i got to listen to this ablum

  • acacia moreno

    Drake I love this album it spoke to me in so many ways! Keep doing what you doing I’m so proud of you :)

  • dom

    i want to be different than you guys, drake is shit

  • Ty

    Drake killed it;)

  • Kimani

    I freaking love Drake Aubrey Drake Graham !

  • Guest

    juss fucked to this

  • Jackaden18

    I listen to this album everyday over and over, it’s telling me something I just don’t know what it is yet x biggest fan of drake, can’t not wait until ur next album!!!

  • Baby_nit3o

    Thats my boy

  • JYJ

    drake I dont angry when I hear your music and you r my favotite artist in the whole whole.

  • FYBE


  • Kay-Y

    You inspire me bro!